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All New 2013 Horse Training Clinics Scheduled!

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Watch a You Tube slide show video of a Frank Bell & Jim Rea clinic at White Stallion Ranch

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Equine Life Care Horse Retirement Center in Kiowa, CO

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How to get to us in Calhan, CO
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Equine Life Care - Horse Retirement Center

When a life companion as dear as your horse nears the end of it's life there is no more humane and caring place for it to be than the new Equine Life Care Horse Retirement Center operated by the Colorado Natural Horsemanship Center.

Our 80 acre facility in Kiowa, Colorado is well on its way to being ready to take care of your aging horse so that it lives out the remainder of its life fully, peacefully and with the same level of care you would provide yourself. 

We have a licensed vet on call, provide for all your senior horse's needs including administering medications, preparing special diets and much more.

Picture of older horse and caretaker.If you are interested in learning more about Equine Life Care Horse Retirement Center please call us today and we will be happy to tell you all about it.

We'll turn out your horses every day.
When you board your senior horse at the new Equine Life Care Horse Retirement Center we treat your horses as if they were our own.
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